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Our Products

Our Focus
Our focus is on vehicle safety and warning and so includes, but is not limited to the following products categories

Available in all light sources, halogen strobe and LED, the range of beacons includes both short and tall profile, clear and coloured lenses, 12v through to 110v and beyond. Foundation of any of our factories, the LED beacon is one of the most demanded warning products.

Mini bars
Available in all light sources, halogen, strobe an LED, the range of mini bars includes a number of low and taller profile products. Mini bars offers a midway point between a beacon and a light bar and as such has been developed to include speakers, scene lights, dual colour LED modules.

Light Bars
We offer the most comprehensive range of light bars in the market place. All light sources are available, all imaginable functions are possible. Whether it is low profile or tall, 24” or 76”, single stack, double level, single colour or dual colour LED modules, our light bar programme can give you what you need.

Back Up Alarms
Comprehensive range of back up alarms up to 112dB rating. Heavy duty, designed for the construction and plant sector OEMs but a unique way of programming the sound makes them competitive in price. Offering both studs and lead wires, reverse speaker, glass filled nylon housing.

Reversing Camera Systems
This is one of our most dynamic product ranges. Outside of the traditional camera and monitor system, we have developed one of the most comprehensive ranges of brake light cameras, universal and vehicle specific, to compliment our growing range of monitors. Our advances in technology ensures that we have total solutions available for any vehicle requirement.

Work Lights
Full range of LED work lamps, offering option of LED chip set to ensure that we are able to offer the right product at the right price. Specific ranges available for high output, material handling, off road and construction. More than 50 new products added in the last 12 months alone.

Speakers and Sirens
With a focus on the emergency services we are able to offer an extensive range of sirens that incorporate both sound and light controls with PA and many versions in between. Reducing the need for additional switches on the dash, our range of sirens offers more than a siren tone.

Industrial Lighting
New to Lighthouse Automotive, the industrial lighting programme is an addition to our product offering which offers a wide range of LED industrial lighting products to include LED light strips, bay lighting, street lighting, tunnel and garage forecourt lighting.

Directional Lights
Directional LED heads represent a huge part of our business. We have 14 different models varying in size and light output. Product is available in ECE and SAE versions, all voltages, can be single colour or dual colour, slim or high profile and many can be synchronised with our other lighting products.